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A timeless ethereal slizz-regime spirit. The SHINJUKU slizz reaper reportedly has only been spotted taking on physical form in one specific ward in Japan. Rumored to be the determiner of sofubi makers fates; the slizz reaper spares the souls of those makers who’s hearts are tried and true to the craft of making sofubi. Contrarily; the SHINJUKU slizz reaper takes no pity on those makers who thieve design, those makers who are only in it for the cold hard cash, those makers whos veins don’t flow deeply with soft-vinyl serenity, those makers whos hearts don’t sing at the sight of freshly pulled sofubi.
Those makers meet their fate on their hands and knees in dimly lit back alleys and loading docks of mass production factories as the spirit of the slizz reaper takes physical form. Armed with only a sacred ceremonial butt plug stuffed with the suffering spirits of the tried and untrue, the slizz reaper says a thousand word prayer in the gust of 10 seconds as he rectifies the wrong doings of the ill-willed through the rectum of the wretched. All that remains after those fateful 10 seconds are dried out bones and tattered clothes of the once greedy and falsified soft vinyl sinners, as their minds, hearts and flesh are transported through the vessel of the ceremonial plug and into the uterine walls of the reapers breastplate, forever to suffer in soft vinyl secrecy.

The SHINJUKU SLIZZ REAPER is revered as a hero by the old wise men who walk the wards of Japan who know much and say little, and feared by many meager maker men who ponder their fate that could be sealed tightly between two lips of truth and one plug of punishment.

Ironically; the SHINJUKU SLIZZ REAPER is made entirely of resin.

COMPLETE WITH bagged chrome logo header card, stand and ceremonial butt plug 🔌

These guys will currently be released in very limited 1/1quantities, as it was the very last toy I started to make before my daughter River was being born. Some even were painted in the delivery center of the hospital 🏥

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